EDC Writing: Blog Break

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks – posting on this blog and at the Go Dog Go Cafe – and interaction with other blogs.

I’m fine, but need to step back from blogging life for a while to finish a couple of writing projects; one a novella, the other a book of lines and poetry.

My best wishes to you all – good luck with all you do – I’ll be back for sure!


18th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café

There’s a brew of words at the Go Dog Go Cafe – all tastes (well almost) as shown by Gina/Singledust as she guides us through the week’s menu in her own uniquely entertaining style. You can be a part of this, just drop by…

Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #10

It’s mid-June – Sam returns from Greenland:



Hi, Erin, I got back home as the sun rose and had to head straight for the garden. I’m so in need of colour, familiar sights and sounds – most of all I need to be back in touch with you. I felt my face brushed by a breeze and wondered if it had touched you too. Maybe I’m just a little crazy… missing you. These past three weeks, so many days, too many nights, have been surreal. As I slipped into a sometimes troubled sleep, I felt you come to me, hold me close and ease away my fears. Perhaps it was just my wishful thinking, yet when I woke to find you weren’t there, I sensed you near, as if an angel waiting, to come down again to me. Somehow I know that you are well, but I’ll ask you all the same – how are you? How have you been?


Hello, stranger, I’ve been very well, thank you. It sounds to me as if you feel as I do, that you have been away for far too long. To be in your arms, my body close to yours, feeling your warm hands and breath on me would be my idea of heaven. I’m a little too naughty to be an angel… hmm, I like the idea of coming down on you. What are you doing at the weekend? And please don’t say you are going to be disappearing again.


Hello, you, I’ve missed your cheeky ‘hmm’s. I’ll be around a while, apart from maybe the odd day or two. As for this weekend, no plans other than to be free and easy, exposing myself in every way to the joys of English weather; immersing myself in nature’s palate. No doubt I’ll have a glass or two of wine and let my every sense go where they need to. How about you?


Oh, you know, it crossed my mind to spend some time with you.




Can you believe it? I fell asleep and didn’t see your message until the small hours of this morning. I had to get up as I was just too restless. I’ve not showered at 3 am before but, it’s weird, I feel as if I need to be ready for something? I should have had the nerve to tell you my every sense needs me to be with you this weekend. You’ve blown my mind saying you want this too, but I can’t help thinking something’s wrong. Are you okay, Erin?


Oh, Sam, thank God I’ve managed to catch you on here. I’ve just popped home to freshen up and get a few things; I’ve been at the hospital all night. Sorry – got to rush, I’ll tell you about it later when things have calmed down a bit.


Hey, Erin, what’s happened? Look, just let me know if you need anything, anything at all, okay? A kind voice, a silent presence, someone to kick and scream at, a hand to hold, arms to hug you, a shoulder to lean on… Just remember you are not alone – no matter what you’re going through I’ll be there for you.


Thank you so much for saying that, just knowing that you are here and that you care is making this a little easier for me. Sometimes I think I’m being laughed at from a great height and it feels too much. I’m so glad I have you, Sam.