Throwback Friday – Care Guide – Eric (EDC Writing)

A ‘poem and a line’ hung separately before, re-aired at the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe’ today…

Go Dog Go Café

‘Poem and a line’ –  an early 2018 poem and a six word line – a light care guide to laundry! 


Care guide no use
hand rub squeeze tight
deep soak wet through
hot wash why rush
spin-cycles least two
well-conditioned hell yes
iron best wrinkle free
airing-cupboard tight fit
while here clean sheets
okay mister don’t mess up
damn you’re doing it again


She’s a tickle… he’s an itch


EDC, an Englishman, a scientist, retired fellow, now writing, as is, whatever briefly comes into his head. Can be found blogging as ‘EDC Writing -Believing Sight Unseen’ at

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