Unstretched – Poem & Six Words


Little spent as you and me

rail tickets cheap, travel off peak

London pubs, chain restaurants

daylight hours no overnights

walking, yet seen no sights

bank accounts, both unstretched

time, as us, overdrawn, unchecked


Six Words:

Shared his days… declined his years.

Not a Day – Poem & Six Words


You may not want to read this

you may feel I don’t deserve you

you may wish I hadn’t written

maybe you’ve given up on me


I may have got it wrong

in so many ways that’s me

I may have got you wrong

in what I need to be


There’s not a day you’re not with me

there’s not a day I’ll not smile

there will never be a day

I’ll not wonder how you are


Six Words:

Miss being… as one us two