Three Words – Compliant, Dream & Therapy


She played the innocent, compliant,
she would, she will, ‘Be patient’ her
catch phrase, she had him on a line,
her first, ‘You’re here, I’m here, what
are we waiting for,’ he didn’t know,
she didn’t say, ‘One day’ never came.


Recall, sub-conscious scenes,
their prompt, who knows, an act,
of having lived, years left, far less,
yet still day dream, in mind, in head,
still young, more mellow, accepting,
yes, I, us, we, our, knowing less.


Not long out, slipped, back in,
cant be without, can’t be with,
not listening, keep talking, taken in.

Three takes… less than perfect

Demure until
the dance floor,
second glass
of fizz, empty
stomach, head
spin, eye blur,
contact, not an
invitation, can’t
see without it in.


He spoke to her,
beyond a first hello,
she smiled at him,
no vanity, wrinkles
showed his face
had lived, his eyes
a kindness, a hint
of mischief, a man
to be seen with, if
only he had hair.


Not for the first time
he couldn’t make it last
She wasn’t very happy
said ‘What’s up’ and
‘Is it me’ on both counts
it wasn’t, it was him.


Three tweets to #vss365 writing prompts, ‘demure’ – ‘vanity’ – ‘happy’ from first week of June

Words (11/Jun/21)


He, marked out,
her body staked,
played all, reward,
love, no, mistake,
avarice, her creed,
take, move on, no,
a man, this man,
no way… she’s his.


Ever searching,
virtue by line, no
sign, he’s none, not
making up, to late,
his brain in weekend
mode, it’s stopped
raining, maybe paint
the fence, wife wants
the house done, he’ll
think again, a virtue?
‘Where you going?’
‘Down the pub!’


And, in a moment all gone,
no going back, not one thing,
an adding up, the summing of
all fears, no logic, circumstance
released, within all, wrath distils.


Top of head poems to Twitter #vss365 word prompts 5th – 9th June’21

Three takes – saying something

He didn’t have a prayer
his words don’t count for much
face down in a puddle
mud clinging to his clothes
heel stamped hard down on his neck
hands finding next to nothing
blade slips past his spine
heart cries no reply


No rain no oceans
no arteries conceived
sand stormed still born
genetic traits deceived
God’s eye son’s sight
fake news she’s seen
Earth angel walking
set free believed


Well, its done now
X-marked life forms
for what, futile profits
poor excuse, tight hands wringing
smoke alarm, close all windows

Three Takes – A Strange Man

I caught myself talking
to a man I didn’t know.
He didn’t answer, as if
I wasn’t there. Yet he
asked questions I ask
myself. Strange man
I hear him now and then.


What’s with the conscience
hanging out online. What’s
that you say, you don’t lie.
You said you touched her
yet you’re here, she’s there.
What the, hey, you’re smiling
damn, you did, she told you.


He didn’t follow, just hung
around a while. All it took
its gone now. He thought
he’d lost her, that’s why she
walked away, his loss that
someone still unknown. He
cried, a strange man alone.