Yet Then Again

Looking back, he’ll admit
idyllic days he hasn’t lived,
close to, let filter through,
an image, an hour or two,
strolling, easy words between,
hands held, his recall, the sun
out too, yet then again it may have
rained, he didn’t catch her name.


Looking back, she reflects
that day, not of her best,
her recall, he wanted more,
yet all he did was hold her hand,
that sudden shower didn’t help,
her thin dress, transparent view,
his eyes, she remembers now,
averted, yet then again she ran.


I’ve long fallen, as inexplicable as it may seem
the feeling is incredible, a once in a lifetime thing
I see you in my mind, long flowing hair, beyond
mesmerising curves, eyes search deep, find love
reality, the two of us, more than lust and passion
more than fun and games, two conjoined by souls.