EDC Writing: Bits & Pieces – Perfect Days

Our perfect days to come have to start with one, the day we say hello, the day that we begin, to talk a while and feel, all that we’ve begun is real, to let what we have grow, through looks and smiles, and hand holds, and if our chemistry is right, as I believe it might, then we’ll be all we’ve ever said, the two of us, behaving naturally, instinctively, behind closed doors, the bedroom, the sofa, the kitchen table, up against the hall wall, and as I know you have a hankering, al fresco too, the touch of grass upon your skin, words undressed as us, all we are exposed …

18th August 2018 – Come Sit With Me – In the Go Dog Go Tree Top Café

There’s a brew of words at the Go Dog Go Cafe – all tastes (well almost) as shown by Gina/Singledust as she guides us through the week’s menu in her own uniquely entertaining style. You can be a part of this, just drop by…

Go Dog Go Café

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Come sit with me and let us chat a while. It’s been a hectic week at the café, let me tell you why.

When you step into a café what’s the first thing you do? Do you get your favourite brew? Or do you study the menu?

What’s on the menu at GDG?

  1. Promote Yourself Monday – party on a Monday!
  2. Tuesday Writing Prompt –    unleash your creativity
  3. Pay It Forward Thursday –    time for some love and kindness

We had a party on Monday, it was the best! It was Promote Yourself Monday (PYM) and everyone submits a link to their own writing. Follow the guidelines in the prompt. This week I am so blessed to make new connections with some really creative writers. But it was also good to see old friends post their wonderful writing.

Mandibelle, my beautiful friend and very talented…

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