Three takes of two

Can’t be doing
with do if you do
don’t like that way
yes, I see you’re cute
I read you, every word


It happens, most times
you know, just scroll by
your picture, your pitch
eyes linger, minds read
damn you’re real, good


So we emailed
bared a bit, then
we didn’t, well I wish
you, still here, well
you know, as I you

Reflection – Free Verse Revolution

I’ve a short poem ‘Reflection’ up on ‘Free Verse Revolution’ today – linked here

Please excuse the brevity of this message -just returned from two days in Devon to find my central heating/hot water boiler has been leaking rather a lot of water in my kitchen – and this being England no one does anything with urgency – which I’ll remember when it comes to paying an eventual bill!

Unseen One

I can’t see your smile
I can’t hear you laugh
yet give you all I am
if that’s what you’d like

I could hold my breath
I could bite my tongue
be your unseen one
is that what you want

I’m only human a man
hurt when feel let down
I’m only human crushed
if you’re not human too