These days…

My morning, still
birdsong, open window
no people walking by
quiet, almost forgotten
the sound of child’s play

Two by two, walking
midday, both sides
middle of the road
break step, pause
others stare, move on

Good evening, late
afternoon, politician’s
speak, experts, statistics
common sense retreats
press questions, repeats

Chance conversation?

Thought I’d drop by as me, I thoroughly enjoy our interactions and have this feeling we could come up with an idea or two? The idea of meeting appeals to me, how about you?

I love our interactions also, I would be delighted to get together throw around some ideas and see what we can come up with. Yes, a delight indeed.

Ah get together, methinks it will take an opportunist convenience as coincidence unlikely. Where does one get out and about to, maybe we have passed somewhere as strangers, known unknowns; unlikely, I’d not walk by, I’d feel the vibe of you.

Maybe you are but a heartbeat from me. Imagine if we had passed each other as strangers, what an opportunity missed that would be. But I feel you are right and we would have known each other, somehow. What beautiful conversation we might have had, and certainly shall have, in the not too distant future.