Three Words – Compliant, Dream & Therapy


She played the innocent, compliant,
she would, she will, ‘Be patient’ her
catch phrase, she had him on a line,
her first, ‘You’re here, I’m here, what
are we waiting for,’ he didn’t know,
she didn’t say, ‘One day’ never came.


Recall, sub-conscious scenes,
their prompt, who knows, an act,
of having lived, years left, far less,
yet still day dream, in mind, in head,
still young, more mellow, accepting,
yes, I, us, we, our, knowing less.


Not long out, slipped, back in,
cant be without, can’t be with,
not listening, keep talking, taken in.

Three Takes – A Strange Man

I caught myself talking
to a man I didn’t know.
He didn’t answer, as if
I wasn’t there. Yet he
asked questions I ask
myself. Strange man
I hear him now and then.


What’s with the conscience
hanging out online. What’s
that you say, you don’t lie.
You said you touched her
yet you’re here, she’s there.
What the, hey, you’re smiling
damn, you did, she told you.


He didn’t follow, just hung
around a while. All it took
its gone now. He thought
he’d lost her, that’s why she
walked away, his loss that
someone still unknown. He
cried, a strange man alone.