Apostrophes… don’t you just love’em

You see a line

wish you had it in you.

See a way to use until

you try then realise

not stand alone

but of the lines that follow.

Another’s words

theirs’s not yours’s

confused, for sure

in apostrophe trouble.


Would a grown man do it

write words as these and post it

this one did and knew it

she’d read and say he blew it

next time he’ll think twice about it

thing is she knows he’ll do it

Dear Boris Johnson, I’ve Had A Couple Of Thoughts…

Author Lucy Brazier has thoughts on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s priorities – eminently sensible from a not to be messed with Englishwoman of the highest order (albeit quite short though) – hat’s off to Lucy and all Nans out there! Read on for smiles and education!

Lucy Brazier

… And I’d like to I share them with you. I don’t know much about running a country, or how to get out of the EU, or what to do about the NHS. But I do know a few other things which I think you might find useful.

One of the things I know about is hats and what a remarkable force for good they can be. Very often when I go out and about in my best hats, people stop and comment on how nice they are and ask where I got them. A good hat is an excellent conversation starter between perfect strangers and also offers marvellous opportunities for polite discourse. Not only am I able to pass on details of my milliner – an independent trader, thereby stimulating the local economy – I am able to return a similar extolment to my new friend, perhaps complimenting their…

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EDC Review: Footsteps of the Templar by Lucy Brazier

Russians digging up ‘his garden’. The Bursar’s doing. No wonder The Dean a little cranky, that is a little more than usual! Footsteps of the Templar, the fourth of the PorterGirl novels, brings once more together; strange Fellows, Porters of all levels, the Heads of much put upon Kitchen and Laundry, the Police, one mounted, one an accomplice to a Wedding, and, the French a new dimension – and did I mention cats, I think I’d better. Yes, Old College as we know it, or think we do, well does anyone, and what do the French have to do with such an English institution? The plot, well stitched, no loose ends, no holes other than, that is, The Bursar’s. Third person narration, we see inside the minds of all, beyond Deputy Head Porter’s perception good as that has always been; we now know what Head Porter is thinking, a certain Headmistress, I didn’t know he had it in him! Lucy Brazier writes with a light, engaging touch; mischievous, at times eccentric, with humour and sensitivity, all beautifully balanced. A class act this author, she’ll have you smiling, beginning to the end, and wanting to read again.



PorterGirl 4 -Footsteps of the Templar

Ah, the ‘real’ news of the day from the UK!

Lucy Brazier

Available now to pre-order

‘A Peculiar Type Of Morality’

Head Porter’s hopes for a quiet life are dashed not only by the return to Old College of one of academia’s most controversial Fellows, but also the revelation that the Knights Templar may once have left behind something quite important in the College grounds. As Deputy Head Porter and The Dean mount a typically ill-considered investigation, knowledge of this esoteric legend had already fallen into dangerous hands…
Abandoning Head Porter to deal with a College wedding, a mysterious big hole, troublesome felines and a potentially murderous Bursar, Deputy Head Porter leads The Dean and the highly unpredictable Professor Horatio Fox in a race against time to solve puzzles, crack codes and follow a trail that takes them to the very heart of the legend of the Knights Templar – an ancient chateau in Chinon, France.
Coincidentally, this is exactly where DCI…

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Care Free

Care guide no use

hand rub squeeze tight

deep soak wet through

hot wash why rush

spin-cycles least two

well-conditioned hell yes

iron best wrinkle free

airing-cupboard tight fit

while here clean sheets

okay mister don’t mess up

damn you’re doing it again.