Remembrance – poem & six words


Buttons and epaulettes

march for all who fall

conflicts toll stand silent

lost, to be lost, not yet born


Six Word:

No, no last words… she cried.

Easy Said – Poem & Six Words


Easing back now had his day

easy said just not his way

decades spent in hope not hate

emotions ignored no love relates


He falls every now and then

a like mind curved with legs

goes well a while until she feels

too real too deep so very still


Six Words:

Where they’ve been not quite… nearly


Weekday Lines: 28/Oct – 1/Nov/19

Oct 30
‘Hey, you asked, I told you, stop making out I’m some kind of monster, what’s your problem with the truth, it’s how you are, live with it, I do.’  
#1lineWed – theme ‘monster’
Oct 31
Too late, beyond return, he saw her, old and bent, a grubby lace shawl around her shoulders held by a long-fingered purple veined hand, her creped neck bleeding, ravens circled, she shuffled closer, fear frozen, sudden darkness, eyes taken, an inner scream, tongue torn.  
#vss365 – prompt ‘raven’
Nov 1
Given, there somewhere
two hearts, spin opposite
yet the same way round.
Two souls, fused at core
the fundamentals of being
you and me, who we are.
#vss365 – prompt ‘fuse’  #poetry

Weekday Lines: 21-25/Oct/19

‘You like space to be yourself as I do, you have commitments you take seriously, I too very much so, you feel most alive exposed to nature, the feel of warm rain on your skin, and now and then a need to feel a beating heart, close, not tied to, free to be you, like me.’