Reflection – Free Verse Revolution

I’ve a short poem ‘Reflection’ up on ‘Free Verse Revolution’ today – linked here

Please excuse the brevity of this message -just returned from two days in Devon to find my central heating/hot water boiler has been leaking rather a lot of water in my kitchen – and this being England no one does anything with urgency – which I’ll remember when it comes to paying an eventual bill!

Saturday Shorts – 10/Oct/20


He takes in the view
all the lines and spaces
curves and wiggles traced
their flow and punctuation
top to bottom footnotes
nothing hidden from him

He turns the pages over
no choice she made him
dense close packed tension
no clarity or meaning
she too complicated for him
too deep too dark he leaves


She wrote stories he couldn’t read


Page 10: Shorts: a take on poetry – Eric Daniel Clarke – Potter’s Grove Press

poems , lines & six words – relationships, imagined, real?


A second cup of coffee, manuscript unread
pages turned over, ink and pencil damn his
printed lies, not fiction, no editing can hide.

Landline within a hand’s reach, adjacent to
a still full cup, arms tight beside his frame
too weak to lift, conscience has its weight.

A ring, expected, yet he jolts as if in shock
he says ‘yes’ to silence, her breathing takes
the place of words, still living, how absurd.

Unseen One

I can’t see your smile
I can’t hear you laugh
yet give you all I am
if that’s what you’d like

I could hold my breath
I could bite my tongue
be your unseen one
is that what you want

I’m only human a man
hurt when feel let down
I’m only human crushed
if you’re not human too