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It’s not like me to write anything personal but this a bit of a mad week so please  excuse my lack of keeping up with your posts – I like to like what I like and comment here and there – but I see my ‘Reader’ filling and that I’m missing so much of what you all do. It’s not intentional and in no way a sign of indifference, I just need to be doing other things for just a little while. Normal service (whatever that is ?!) will be resumed in a few days – I hope! Eric.

EDC Review: The PorterGirl Novels by Lucy Brazier


Exciting times – the third PorterGirl novel ‘Sinister Dexter’ by Lucy Brazier to be published on 27th April. Here’s my take on the first two novels – both a joy to read.

‘A literary phenomenon I believe’

EDC review – November 2016

A debut, a blog become novel, imaginative fiction underpinned by unique experience, a literary phenomenon I believe. Lucy Brazier, an author to look out for. No spoilers here, her guile layering intrigue, mystery, tension, threat and the bizarre laced with humour all the more enjoyable, more involving, more gob-smacking good  when you think you know but don’t know what’s coming. Lucy tells a very good story. A woman, against the odds, Deputy Head Porter, the first of her kind amongst Fellows of Old College, a world steeped in tradition and when deemed appropriate,  the darker arts. She’s dressed the part, bowler hat atop buttoned curves, not unnoticed, but more an inquisitive mind, kindness live-wired, and the disturbed peculiar give cause to fear for her. Atmospheric prose create images of tranquillity, touching philosophical moments have you thinking too, then with a quite literal ‘bugger this’ she’ll take you places she can’t resist, but decidedly  best not for her to be.  I thoroughly enjoyed this, the first of the  PorterGirl novels, may they long continue, and Lucy have the success her talent deserves.

‘Tea, whisky, secrets and mischievous ways’

EDC review – June 2017

In ‘The Vanishing Lord’ the second of the PorterGirl novels  Deputy Head Porter has found her feet – even when disguised as a flighty girl in killer heels!  So many scenes Lucy has brought to life in her inimitable way, framed and hung around a missing painting … with a touch of medieval spice … don’t ask just read!  Deputy Head Porter, bowler hat and waistcoat her usual attire, the ‘first lady of the keys’ at Old College,  a world of doors and gates, dark passages , tea and whisky, secrets and mischievous ways …  a world in which everyone knows and known by their place. Such characters, from The Master to the Bedders  … all slightly to the downright quirky! None more so than The Dean, a triumph of imagination, he steals every scene he’s in.  And then there are the outsiders  – the police, so inconveniently tenacious, and an excitable young man with thighs … no spoilers … I’ll let Lucy tell you … this novel, as the first one, such a joy to read.

Thank You, Mister Putin

My pre-order now made for the 3rd PorterGirl novel ‘Sinister Dexter’ written by Lucy Brazier- can’t wait for its release on April 27th. If you are not yet into these novels you’ll get a little taste of my take on ‘First Lady of the Keys’ and ‘The Vanishing Lord’ from my Amazon and Goodreads reviews- both of which I’ll post here tomorrow.

Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, to find me here on a Saturday. And no one was more surprised than me when my dear publisher informed me that the general release date of my new novel, PorterGirl – Sinister Dexter, was being brought forward to 27th April. This is largely due to the main bad chap in the book – new Bursar Professor Dexter Sinistrov – being a suspected Russian spy with a penchant for poisoning people.

Which is rather topical, I must admit. Although somewhat unnerving in its timeliness.

One can only assume that the remarkable Mister Putin is such a big fan of PorterGirl that he couldn’t help but stage an elaborate promotional stunt to get things moving.

A huge thank you to those who have offered me guest spots to discuss and promote the book, articles will be winging their way to you very soon…

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Promote Yourself Monday- April 9, 2018

It’s a wet Monday in the UK, I’ve no idea what it’s like where you are but hey it’s ‘Promote Yourself Monday’ at the Go Dog Go Cafe and it’s open all day…

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NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo 2018 Friday

Coming up to the end of the first week of NaPoWriMo – hows it going? Pop over to the Go Dog Go Cafe and let us know a bit about yourself and feel free to leave a link to your best NaPoWriMo poem so far…

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