He Had True- Eric (EDC Writing), Guest Barista

Out odd-jobbing again …

Go Dog Go Café

Easing back now had his day

Easy said just not his way

Decades spent in hope not hate

Emotions ignored no love relates

He falls every now and then

A like mind curved with legs

Goes well a while until she feels

Too sweet too deep so very still

All but one had not a clue

Just what it was he had true

An artist’s touch a poets lips

A heart that gave a mind that flew


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The Box Under The Bed – a destination reached! Guest Blog Post By Eric Daniel Clarke

How I ended up in good company …

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

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Guest blog post by a co-author of The Box Under The Bed, Eric Daniel Clarke.


It still seems a little odd to think of myself as an author yet thanks to Dan and all the co-authors of the ‘Box Under The Bed’ I am. What Dan may not realise is that my story Destination Reached was first viewed through his blog two years ago. Here’s how.

I started writing prose quite late in life, in August 2012 as I just turned 60.

By the time I started my first (now deleted) blog in April 2014, I’d written over 200,000 words of internet messages between a fictional man and woman. From this Their Days the first of the Believing Sight Unseen stories was created and is on target (just!)…

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Promises- Eric (EDC Writing), Guest Barista

Another ‘Guest Barista’ Thursday for me courtesy of Christine/Brave and Reckless at the Go Dog Go Cafe.

Go Dog Go Café

He a man untied

To time or anything

Beyond accepted promises

She his curved ball

Provokes imagination

Believes she can be his

Conscience slips and slides

Everyday more blind

To all he’ll leave behind

As he sleeps he stares

Sees her in his darkness

Light rolls back their years

Love beyond words

Felt though unheard

Their promises unbroken


To read more of Eric’s writing, visit Believing Sight Unseen – EDC Writing

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