Shorts – a take on poetry: Review by L Owen

The nature of our online world, as real, you remember people, however distant, they’re here in some way – a review by L Owen who blogged until a few years ago:

EDS Shorts eBook Cover

Easy reading short quirky poems about life and relationships
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 May 2020 by L Owen (Amazon UK)

‘Easy reading but very thought provoking. Eric has a marvellous way of writing one thing but possibly meaning something else entirely. What exactly? That’s for you to decide, to interpret in your own way and that dear reader is the joy of poetry. From a poets point of view… I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.’


‘From a poets point of view…’  – a review I made in 2016:

Debutantes and Daisies: A Bouquet of Poetry by [Louisa Owen]

Creative living poetry

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 May 2016 by EDC Writing (Amazon UK)


Book Review ‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’, Samuel Bjork

I tell you – I wish I could write a review like this! To my mind ‘Ray’ is one of the most original (albeit quite bizarre! ) bloggers out there!

Absurdist Fiction

“First, it was not a strip bar, it was an erotic club. And second…what can I say? I am a night owl.” Marrion Berry 

Breaking News & Top Stories of the week: Harry Potter’s Owl have been murdered. And to find out who is that freak all you have to do is to read the novel ‘The Owl Always Hunts at Night’ , because Samuel Bjork knows who DID IT. 

Everything in this book is upside down and inside out. Yeah, you know those crime-novels where everybody is involved and you are drowning between the non-stop-arriving (literally from nowhere) new heroes. And then, of course, the Bad Guy shows up at the end – Voilà! And you are like a stupid chicken, pretending she can fly – ah, I knew …you’ve been there all the time!

But the Truth is – he hadn’t. 

So if you are…

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EDC Review #1: Heisenberg (Modern Play) by Simon Stephens


Heisenberg (Modern Plays) by [Stephens, Simon]

Relationships, male/female, non-familial, all guises, their nuances, their strangeness, a fascination. None more so than the unexpected, the hard to believe, yet do … this play is this. An age-gap, a May-December kind of thing, this thing though quite extraordinary, I’ve not read anything quite like this before. Beyond labels, this relationship speaks for itself, complex yet simple, compelling, frankly stunning the way ‘hers & his’ words play out. I’m already wondering how many times I will read this in my life, it is influencing my own take on relationships in words. The London production is on stage now, October … I can’t wait to see and above all hear the brilliance of this.

Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Priniciple - 900x600