Throwback Friday – Spring Shower – Eric (EDC Writing)

‘Spring Shower’ – a light one…

Go Dog Go Café

‘Spring Shower’  first fell into place two years ago this week – this its first time at the Cafe.


Red kites ever circling
crapping on the washing
big birds no argument
quick cycle re-hang
damn it now it’s raining

Doves on the fence
at it don’t they ever stop
clouds rung dry again
washing takes a tumble
irony sinks in

Robin there’s always one
beak points to wet soil
kneel and trowel obediently
red breast a foot away
sun kissed distant memory


EDC, an Englishman, a scientist, retired fellow, now writing, as is, whatever briefly comes into his head. Can be found blogging as ‘EDC Writing -Believing Sight Unseen’ at

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Oxford Letters

Letters, remember them
then young, old now, long gone
beginnings, becoming men
tea rooms, halls walked, sober, drunk
led on, showing off, shown up
meant for no one, between two
dissected, analysed, misread, judged
letters, remember addressed to someone
known by, their minds, beyond you.

Throwback Friday – Life’s Light – Eric (EDC Writing)

Life’s light felt right to post again over at the Cafe…

Go Dog Go Café

Grey autumn day
clouds as far as eyes can see
breeze swept trees shake off leaves
smoke swirls from log-fired chimneys

Arm in arm they walk
snuggled close to share their warmth
each complete with one another
for them there is no other

The path they tread now clear ahead
past diversions left behind them
a footstep from the door they pause
embrace give looks that say it all

The key their love he sweeps her up
lips touch across the threshold
life’s light within first sign of spring
winter closed the door behind them


EDC, an Englishman, a scientist, retired fellow, now writing, as is, whatever briefly comes into his head. Can be found blogging as ‘EDC Writing -Believing Sight Unseen’ at

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EDC Writing – Posts Elsewhere (13/Mar/20)

My poem ‘River Crossing‘ submitted in response to the March 2020 prompt ‘Bridges’ is today posted by ‘Free Verse Revolution‘ under my full name – Eric Daniel Clarke.  My thanks to Kristiana Reed, who yet again came up with an intriguing image which got me reading my poem in yet another way – always a good thing.

Since my return in February to the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe‘ as a contributing writer I’ve been posting poems on ‘Throwback Friday’ – today’s poem ‘Next Door‘ is one of my earliest first posted back in 2016 – I started late yet in a literary sense this poem seems from a lifetime ago; and in someways it is.

Both poems will appear in ‘Shorts – a take on poetry




‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ transition made

Misread He takes in the view all the lines and spaces curves and wiggles traced their flow and punctuation top to bottom footnotes nothing hidden from him He turns the pages over no choice she made him dense close packed tension no clarity or meaning she too complicated for him too deep too dark he leaves # She wrote stories he couldn't read‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ the first book of my transition from scientist to writer will be published in May by Potter’s Grove Press. Writing poetry came as a surprise to me. I’d a novel in mind, ‘Believing Sight Unseen,’ it still is; competing hard with the immediacy of poetry.

 I started writing late, creatively, that is. Until 2012 I wrote disciplined non-fiction, lived a scientist’s life of peer review and publication. I worked at boundaries; of the physical and life sciences, of industry and academia, of research and mentoring, of observation and extrapolation. 2012 to 2017 the transition made, not easily, not smoothly, easing out of science, finding my way to write. 

 Turned out my approach to writing not so different to the way I did science – a little unconventional – using words in place of molecules to explore boundaries; real, imagined, of my mind and yours. In short, PowerPoint bullet points became verse – I like to keep things tight.

Him & Her – Again


Relieved to say with surety this saga over now

you’ve shown what you really are, as for who

I’ve not a clue, I’m quite glad of that, makes

ending this farce easier, it isn’t hard at all


The signs have always been there, your

inconsistencies, your lack of sensitivity

your inability to keep tabs of us, just how

long we’ve been in touch, seems ironic now


I believed in you for so long, guess I wanted to

couldn’t see, at best, you’re just on here for fun

It’s sad really that you need to fake so much

I’d say goodbye, but why, we’ve never said hello



 What on earth has got into you? I know exactly

how long we have been in touch with each other

thank you, but all I hear from you is complaining

do you not think your negativity really upsets me


Do you honestly believe that these constant threats

of you going are doing you any favours at all

let’s be clear, I’m not playing your game any more

you’ve shown what you are, and that’s not nice at all