EDC Shorts: six words – lines – ‘poetry’ #132

Spring Shower:

Red kites ever circling

crapping on the washing

big birds no argument

quick cycle re-hang

damn it now it’s raining


Doves on the fence

at it don’t they ever stop

clouds rung dry again

washing takes a tumble

irony sinks in


Robin there’s always one

beak points to wet soil

kneel and trowel obediently

red breast a foot away

sun kissed distant memory

The first two verses tweeted (@EDC_Writing) re today’s #1lineWed theme ‘Rain’

EDC Shorts: six words – lines – ‘poetry’ #116

More Than?

We’ve lost the plot

Spent so long here

Lost track of where been

Who wrote what and when

Ever nudging squeezing

Seeing who’ll give in

Who’ll break first

Who cares most

And on and on

Why do we do this

All so scary

the risks we take

For no good reason

We need to speak

To hear to see

To know if friends

Or more than?


This poem has also been posted at the Go Dog Go Cafe https://godoggocafe.com/2018/03/09/more-than-eric-edc-writing/