EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #27

We awake, talking with our eyes, the spell of night unbroken, moon lit silhouettes, heavenly body yours so soft alluring, mine your strength, your rock, to hold on to as waves of passion toss and swirl us. I awoke this morning these words swimming through my mind, my every day starts with such thoughts of you, every day I talk to you in silence and before I fall asleep I whisper goodnight to the shadows as if you.


[EDC Writing – Bits & Pieces #1]

EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #9

True Story

He stands a foot from the wall, illuminated by strobe lit blobs and spheres, one hand in his pocket, the other holding a cold beer. 10 pm he’d guess, summer darkness outside lures moths to flight, rhythm finds his feet, yet too soon for moves. She takes to the floor, perfection, slight yet curved, green eyed blonde, focal point of his desire. No smile, yet politely declines the handsome, or just confident, dancing with her sister or maybe a friend. He buys a second beer, a small one, returns, his space still there a few metres from her presence. 11.30 pm checks his time, no chance, better men have tried, he moves. She turns to face his walk towards her, the beat slows, traces a smile, no words, her fingers behind his neck stroke him closer, his hands on short skirted hips that sway in and not away. One song, two songs later, too soon, sibling, friend, whispers, “We have to go.” He asks to see her, she puts her finger to her lips then his, says “I fly home to Germany tomorrow” let’s go his hand and disappears. Forty years on he’s not forgot, likes to believe, she’s still dancing, has had a good life.


EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #6


“You don’t agree then?”

“It’s not that simple … well it is, but not the way you see it”

“Okay, run that by me again”

“The thing is there is no answer, by the time we’ve measured it’s moved on”

“What has … time or entity?”

“Both, I believe, ever shifting, never reaching equilibrium”

“So you’re saying there’s no steady state, nothing to which we can relate?”

“Quite the opposite, we relate to everything, we just don’t know anything”

“That can’t be right, look how much we’ve published”

“I rest my case, by the time it’s out there, we take another view”

“Look at all the rules, the fundamentals, universally taught”

“A form of history, stories given as facts”

“What are you saying … we know nothing”

“In a way … we read as was, time lined perceptions of reality”

“What is reality to you?”

“The possibly that I’m here”

“What about me”

“If I am you are too”

“I can’t get my head around this”

“You will, yours is part of mine”

“Got it, I see what you’re saying now”

“Yes, but have you heard”

EDC Shorts: lines – ‘prose’ – poetry #4

Well Beyond This Day

He held her in the shower, the door he broke down scorched. The adjacent window breathed flames, the glass smashed on the floor. He bore the pain of seared skin, on a back she’d never see. Red machine pumped water soaked the ceiling, their smoke screen disappeared. Masked faces spared her modesty, looked on him in awe. All thought – how was he going to get out of this? Then realised, it hadn’t crossed his mind. His body given up to shield, his last breath to pray – please let her live … well beyond this day.