Online links – Short Prose – Gabriela M

Today sees the publication of ‘Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings’ by Gabriela Marie Milton – known too many of us online as Gabriela M at Short Prose – a writer, a poet and a good friend.

I got to know Gabriela, as so many of us do, through the exchange of comments on our posts of poetry and prose Рour first exchanges the Spring of 2018, I recall, each finding our online way Рa like, a word of encouragement, a follow РGabriela does this for so many, and two years on, her posts liked and commented on by us in our hundreds  Рa poet we love to read, a woman we love to interact with Рthe charm, the talent of Gabriela so evident to all.

And for those who may not have read her, may not yet know what lies within her ‘Passions’ – here are links to two ‘love poems’ – no more from me – Gabriela says it all:

‘The miracle of you’ linked here – and ‘I am the one’ here.