Moment From A Manuscript – #2

I sense my words no longer move you, that I no longer touch your heart. You seem so distant from me and what I have tried to say. You say you could not meet me, as if you fear I’d harm you. I can’t imagine life without you and it haunts me that I may never see you. I have always believed in you and trusted you to be guided by your heart, I dare to hope you’ll find you need me too?


What on earth has made you feel so insecure with me. Your words mean so much and have always meant a lot to me. I know you trust me and I do you but I just have something in me which makes me hold back when it comes to meeting up. Please snap out of this, you’ve sensed me wrong, I am and have always been here for you, and yes, I need you too.

Line Days – New Beginning

I’m here, you’re here, what are we waiting for?’

Good question, I was leaving, now you’ve got me thinking.

While you’re thinking take a chance and talk a while with me.

I think I will – hello, I’m Sam and spell-bound by your smile.

My goodness, do you mean that? I’m Erin by the way.