Twitter Lines – Week 11-15/Nov/19

BelievingSightUnseen  @EDC_Writing
Nov 13

‘I see, it has to be your way or not at all, no hint of a compromise, no flexibility, no give and take, no sign of you being prepared to concede to give us a chance, but I will, so I’ll wait to hear from you, I’ll not ask again.’   #1lineWed – theme ‘ Give/Take’

Nov 14

She knew the drill, keep him hanging on, playing with his heart, promising they’ll meet up soon, keep on saying ‘I’m nervous, I’m not ready’ when he keeps asking ‘why not yet?’ – damn him, she’s confused, the things he does to her with words… #vss365 – prompt ‘Drill’

Nov 15

Little spent as you and me, rail tickets cheap day returns, London pubs, chain restaurants, daylight hours no overnights, walking yet seen no sights, bank accounts our #pounds not stretched, time, as us, overdrawn unchecked. #vss365 – prompt ‘Pound’  (see ‘unstretched‘)






Weekday Lines: 4-8/Nov/19

‘So things keep cropping up, even on a Monday, but we’ll get there in the end, whatever ours is, you do know we have to meet?’
#vss365 – prompt ‘crop’
Nov 6
‘You write in riddles sometimes, I think you try to confuse me, but I don’t know why you’d do that, why can’t you just make life simple?’
#1lineWed -theme ‘write’
Nov 6
Six words… his sentence, trim tight.
#vss365  – prompt ‘trim’   #sixwords   #sixwordstory
Nov 7
He trod in it… she didn’t.
#vss365 – prompt ‘trod’  #sixwords  #sixwordstory
Nov 7
‘Well, that message tells me all I need to know. Only talking a short while? You must have me mixed up with someone else! Remember me, we’ve been messaging for months, remember I’m the one you said you didn’t want to lose, well you just have.’
#Thurds – theme ‘mix’
Nov 8
‘For so long now, for whatever reason, you’ve held back, see something that makes you nervous, too unsure, to take a chance with me. It cuts me deep, it crushes me, your every message, that never names a day for us, to at last see what we could be.’
#vss365 – prompt ‘crush’

Chance conversation?

Thought I’d drop by as me, I thoroughly enjoy our interactions and have this feeling we could come up with an idea or two? The idea of meeting appeals to me, how about you?

I love our interactions also, I would be delighted to get together throw around some ideas and see what we can come up with. Yes, a delight indeed.

Ah get together, methinks it will take an opportunist convenience as coincidence unlikely. Where does one get out and about to, maybe we have passed somewhere as strangers, known unknowns; unlikely, I’d not walk by, I’d feel the vibe of you.

Maybe you are but a heartbeat from me. Imagine if we had passed each other as strangers, what an opportunity missed that would be. But I feel you are right and we would have known each other, somehow. What beautiful conversation we might have had, and certainly shall have, in the not too distant future.

EDC Writing – Prose to poetry – getting started.

My life changed in 2011/2012 – close to ending in 2011 – 2012 saw another me, raw, creative writing a release. ‘Believing Sight Unseen’ appeared, ‘His and Her’ words, in the form of messages, Sam & Erin’s mostly, this ‘new’ blog gives quite a few! An ‘old’ blog deleted, you live and learn – a less naïve me now in the online world!

Back to the beginning,  I wrote, a concept,  a synopsis,  for ‘Believing Sight Unseen’  –  sent out to acquaintances, to varying degrees – almost all said ‘we’re intrigued’ – one said ‘ your writing more poetry than prose ‘ – my take on prose, every word, fell into place as this: 


It started on a Sunday, a day unlike any other,

How could it be, when two people, so different,

A woman, blue eyed blond,  a man, blue eyed too and greying,

Came across each other, by chance, by fate,

All that matters is it happened.


Defying sense, at least the common sort,

They connected in a virtual way, real enough to them.

Naively they invested in each other, no guarantee of interest.

Their messages flowed as if free, though by what means,

Best not to say, you never know who reads.


Early days they wrote of lust and sensuality,

An upside down romance in many ways.

Graphic yes, but never crude, it was as if they knew,

Something special had begun, and with tenderness and care,

They explored, albeit blindly, the senses of each other.


Words appeared that had meaning as their hearts began to open,

Flowing into minds where spiteful demons lurked.

Feelings deepened, desires and hopes not fully recognised awakened,

Was this excitation of that latent state, the pure free energy of life.

Would either dare to name it.


Tensions rose, unintentional, but impossible to avoid,

In their character-limited message world.

So many misunderstandings, the cruel ambiguity of words.

Awful moments came, filled with agony and hurt,

Yet through extraordinary patience and forgiveness went.


Pain washed away by tears left scars unseen,

What fool said falling never hurts?

Now so close, so intimate, they clung each to the other,

A dance of sorts, one step forward, so often two steps back,

A strictly outer body experience.


Fate played a hand, an unmarked deck, do we ever know.

He took a chance and gambled, all or nothing now,

Feelings too intense to hide, he blew her mind,

Knocked her demons senseless, both touched and moved so much,

Their hearts became engaged, their souls mated.


Demons stirred again, exposing fears deep rooted in her past,

Systemic, defying trust, and maddening to male logic.

All attempts to meet met with frustration, so many times she said she would,

But so strong willed she railed against his pressure, all he did was ask.

For crying out loud, what’s wrong with her, and yes what’s wrong with him.


Both hearts ached to beat as one, their bond so fragile yet so strong,

Reaching out, yet still not close enough to touch the other.

So hard they tried to bridge what seemed a chasm,

He falling deep within, her teetering on the edge looking down,

Her biggest fear to lose him.


What became of these would be lovers,

Where did they land when falling done,

Hand in hand together, or shattered, broken and apart.

Their story now unfolds for those with hearts that can be touched,

And imaginations that can see beyond this man and woman’s words.


EDC Writing: Blog Break

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks – posting on this blog and at the Go Dog Go Cafe – and interaction with other blogs.

I’m fine, but need to step back from blogging life for a while to finish a couple of writing projects; one a novella, the other a book of lines and poetry.

My best wishes to you all – good luck with all you do – I’ll be back for sure!


EDC Writing: Bits & Pieces – Perfect Days

Our perfect days to come have to start with one, the day we say hello, the day that we begin, to talk a while and feel, all that we’ve begun is real, to let what we have grow, through looks and smiles, and hand holds, and if our chemistry is right, as I believe it might, then we’ll be all we’ve ever said, the two of us, behaving naturally, instinctively, behind closed doors, the bedroom, the sofa, the kitchen table, up against the hall wall, and as I know you have a hankering, al fresco too, the touch of grass upon your skin, words undressed as us, all we are exposed …

Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #12



Good to hear I’m home? You’re completely confusing me! I’m trying to help you, but you don’t seem to need it? I thought we had something, yet you can’t wait even a day for me. You’ve got me thinking!


Can you just slow down a bit? I’m feeling really overwhelmed with all that’s going on and I need to be with someone I know, that’s all. Look, Sam, you are getting too heavy too fast, and I can’t cope right now, okay.


I really feel for you, you know that. Whatever’s going on in your life right now, little if anything, seems good. I can’t say I understand because you’ve still not told me anything. We have something good, don’t we?


I really don’t know what we have if I’m being honest. I think I have feelings for you, but I can’t deal with them right now. I’m feeling pressured and I hate that. You’re truly a great guy, but I just feel, and I’m so sorry to say this, that you are suffocating me. I just want things to slow way down. Please give me space to sort myself out. Sorry.




Where did that come from?  It was only a couple of days ago that you said you don’t want to be given space and now I’m suffocating you? Not for the first time, you’re not making much sense to me. We both know that we need to move forward and for me it needs to be this week.


Okay, well, I am reading that and thinking you’re not really as into this as I am. Yes, I know that we have to move to the next step and that’s what we’re trying to do, aren’t we? If only it could be a bit easier, that’s all!


I sense real desperation in you which makes me so annoyed with myself that I have clearly failed to earn your trust.  Such a shame as talking to me would be easier than you seem to think. Believe it or not I’m the kind of man who listens, the kind of man you’ll have never spoken to before.


I do find it hard to open up about problems, but that’s because I’ve had it thrown back in my face before. I’m sure you are trustworthy, but maybe it is my own courage that’s the problem?

Their Days: Sam & Erin’s Story #8




Erin, what can I say? This is how my life is. I thought you knew that from the start.  I have no ties, no responsibilities to anyone, and I come and go as I’m asked. I can’t just stop, even if I wanted to. Look, I’ve been straight with you – where I’m going is far too remote to be able to log on to a site like this. I know I’m sounding blunt. I don’t mean to, but I do need you to realise we’ll need to move off of here if you want the chance of a relationship with me.


I can’t believe you sent me that. You sound so cold and detached, and again you are trying to impose your will on me. It seems I got you wrong and you are not the man I imagined you to be. Oh well.


Oh, Erin, why be like this? I just want to have a way of keeping in touch with you, that’s all. Is that really too much to ask? Cold and detached? You must be psychic, as I will be, but not in the way you think. I fly to Reykjavik on Sunday then on to Greenland.  The weather is bad right now, but if we can the plan is to move on to the ice cap by Wednesday. So hostile to begin with, then sheer beauty shining through. How about you?


My head is pounding, Sam. I can’t take all of this in. I am so unsure what to do, I can’t make sense of some of these feelings I have right now. I can’t stop thinking about you. I keep saying it, but I’ve never known a man like you. I didn’t even know men like you existed. I’m almost too scared to ask, but why do you have to be out there?




I’m walking in the rain alone my head bowed heavy with my thoughts, wanting to tell you more than I can, and I will when we are more secure than we are now. There are plenty of men like me and women too. I’ll have one with me – she goes everywhere I go, keeps me out of trouble, so no need to be scared for me. I’m drenched to the skin but do not want to go in, so I’ll stay outside and steam a while with my thoughts of being inside with you.


In a minute I’m going to wake up and find that this is all a dream.  No man has ever turned me on the way you do. My imagination is going wild. I need you to go in, to feel how wet I am too.


Imagine… you walk towards me hands outstretched. I mirror you. Our fingers touch, hands connect, arms enfold, and we embrace. You nuzzle my neck, and my eyes stream dewdrops on your hair. You look up, your eyes glisten, and moisten me. Our warmth creates a mist, mysterious, breathed in, every tear of joy shed condensed within. Lips dare to kiss, tongue tips touch, silently saying so much. We squeeze up tight, spellbound…we say hello.


You have made my skin come out in goose bumps. I so want the first time we meet to be like this – I so want to be squeezed up close to you.