Three Words – Compliant, Dream & Therapy


She played the innocent, compliant,
she would, she will, ‘Be patient’ her
catch phrase, she had him on a line,
her first, ‘You’re here, I’m here, what
are we waiting for,’ he didn’t know,
she didn’t say, ‘One day’ never came.


Recall, sub-conscious scenes,
their prompt, who knows, an act,
of having lived, years left, far less,
yet still day dream, in mind, in head,
still young, more mellow, accepting,
yes, I, us, we, our, knowing less.


Not long out, slipped, back in,
cant be without, can’t be with,
not listening, keep talking, taken in.

Bits of me in Tweets

He came up from Devon at 18, blushed easy, shared a house in Windsor with a French woman and a man with religious ways, had his first curry before his first girl, a little late to spice up his life, yet had the sense not to on the same day, he smiles, looking back at 68. #vss365 writing prompt ‘spice’ @EDC_Writing 1st March’21


He’d the kind of mind that recalled fragments, words if read or wrote he’d know. As with writing, as with his science, it was the idea, the proof of concept that mattered, the live recall, the show and tell, it’s ever shifting balance, the story telling all. #vss365 writing prompt ‘proof’ @EDC_Writing 5th March’21

Weekday Lines: 21-25/Oct/19

‘You like space to be yourself as I do, you have commitments you take seriously, I too very much so, you feel most alive exposed to nature, the feel of warm rain on your skin, and now and then a need to feel a beating heart, close, not tied to, free to be you, like me.’

Tweets -Wednesday Lines -14/Aug/19

Sam & Erin out there and odd poems too … Twitter writing prompts can be a good way to get your words seen. Here are two of mine today.

‘As I’ve said I know you, you see pressure in everything, even when its really not there, and you just won’t give in to a man’s point of view, being #stubborn is your auto-response, it always has been with me, why not truly listen and give the real inner you a chance?’ #vss365
‘Come on, stop playing games, I know you’re a smart girl, so less of the indignation please, it’s not helping you or us, so get real, stop avoiding the problem you have with men, I’m one and I’m trying to help you, okay!’ #1lineWed – theme ‘game’