EDC Review #1: Heisenberg (Modern Play) by Simon Stephens


Heisenberg (Modern Plays) by [Stephens, Simon]

Relationships, male/female, non-familial, all guises, their nuances, their strangeness, a fascination. None more so than the unexpected, the hard to believe, yet do … this play is this. An age-gap, a May-December kind of thing, this thing though quite extraordinary, I’ve not read anything quite like this before. Beyond labels, this relationship speaks for itself, complex yet simple, compelling, frankly stunning the way ‘hers & his’ words play out. I’m already wondering how many times I will read this in my life, it is influencing my own take on relationships in words. The London production is on stage now, October … I can’t wait to see and above all hear the brilliance of this.

Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Priniciple - 900x600