If You Can Dream It…

It’s said that authors are solitary beasts – well maybe – yet in the blogosphere twenty shared their imaginations their skills – the published and the yet to be – to make an idea real – an anthology of scary stories – it’s out there! Carrie Ann post’s of the dream …

Carrie Ann Alexis

I recently posted about being a contributing author to The Box Under the Bed.  What an exciting experience this has been.  I am part of a private FB group where all the authors have been discussing the progress of the book, finalizing the cover design,  and looking at screenshots as the book is being formatted in paperback form.  Yes!!  And that is now available for you to order at Amazon!!

We have also been getting updates as the book has been climbing the charts of The Hot New Releases in our book category.  The last time I saw it we were at #7!!  How awesome is that?  That is why we are asking for pre-orders.  Amazon has all kinds of lists that are ranked by sales.  If we get to number one, then that means more exposure for us.

Dan, as always, has been talking about it on his…

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This is Happening!!

Yes this is really happening … 20 odd scary stories compiled by Dan Alatorre out on 1st October … and can you believe … one of them is mine too …

Carrie Ann Alexis

So, as you know, I have received Honorable Mentions in the last two Word Weaver Writing Contests I entered.  Of course, I would have liked a higher ranking, but I was perfectly Okay with it, because I knew this would lead to other opportunities, and it has!!

The host of the contest, Dan Alatorre, has decided to gather a bunch of authors together and compile an anthology.  I was invited to submit a story for consideration.  And….

I made the cut!!  I’m in!!

What does this mean for me?

This will be my FIRST published story

It will be published in a book along with 20+ other authors who will also be promoting the book.  One author sold over 20,000 copies of her debut novel.  Many other contributing authors have huge blog followings, or massive Twitter followings and have appeared in magazines, and other published books.  The editor has 18…

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