About – EDC

EDC… an Englishman, living in Buckinghamshire, born in Birmingham, raised and schooled in Devon, near its Somerset and Dorset borders, 5 miles from the World Heritage Jurassic Coast.  Known as a scientist, career started as a laboratory assistant aged 18, part-time studies to first degree, then bioscience research led to a Master’s degree and more; published papers, patents, talks at meetings, symposia and conferences, collaborations, mentoring and consultancy. Communication the key and plenty good and able people met along the way.

Now in transition, scientist to writer: science is of the mind, the heart and of the soul, its human, scientists live and breathe and feel, as any writer, poet and musician, as any one of us, all part of humanity, all hearts sing, are pulled and twisted, tied in knots, all live by emotions, led by beliefs and conscience…none of us are one thing.


BELIEVING SIGHT UNSEEN – stories extracted and edited, from a mass of ‘his & hers’  dialogue, written as it came. Contemporary stories, of relationships; unexpected, unlikely, maybe hard to be believed, yet, maybe, just maybe, relatable to you?

THEIR DAYS – Sam & Erin’s story, the first story of Believing Sight Unseen.  A contemporary romance told through message scenes. A story true to today, of an internet liaison; yet timeless, of passion, hope, vulnerability and fear.

EDC SHORTS – six-word things, lines, flash fiction, poetry of a kind … the kind of things that pop into my mind.