Three takes… less than perfect

Demure until
the dance floor,
second glass
of fizz, empty
stomach, head
spin, eye blur,
contact, not an
invitation, can’t
see without it in.


He spoke to her,
beyond a first hello,
she smiled at him,
no vanity, wrinkles
showed his face
had lived, his eyes
a kindness, a hint
of mischief, a man
to be seen with, if
only he had hair.


Not for the first time
he couldn’t make it last
She wasn’t very happy
said ‘What’s up’ and
‘Is it me’ on both counts
it wasn’t, it was him.


Three tweets to #vss365 writing prompts, ‘demure’ – ‘vanity’ – ‘happy’ from first week of June

13 thoughts on “Three takes… less than perfect

      1. Where does the time go? Sorry I’ve been absent. During the past year + all of my writing classes that I teach have been on-line, which has tripled my work (and time). Everyone seemed to want to become writers while stuck at home! I think that’s a good thing. 🙂

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