Saturday Shorts – England, Spring 1970

‘What you doing, Son?’
‘Looking for a paint tin’
‘Looking for a job then?’
‘Mum told me to’
‘She tells me that too’
‘Ah, here’s a ‘Dulux’ one’
‘It’s almost empty’
‘It’s the address of ‘ICI’ I need’
‘You’re going for it then?’
‘I’ll be a scientist, you’ll see’


ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) was the British forerunner of the Anglo-Swedish and Anglo-Swiss bioscience companies, AstraZeneca and Syngenta.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Shorts – England, Spring 1970

    1. Good morning, Basilike! This post the true story of how my career as a scientist started – I’m having a go at writing of it as a form of pseudo biographical/social historical mix of dialogue poetry and poems – hope you have a good Easter, it’s got cold here, possibility of snow on Monday!

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      1. I thought it was autobiographical, and that’s a good idea. I was thinking of going autobiographical myself with my shorts.

        I hope we’ll be able to travel at Easter. Here it’s getting warmer now and I hope it lasts, because Easter time can be rainy.

        I was thinking of you the other day — I was reading chinese poetry and found a poem that was very like your style. I can’t find it now but I’ll go back to look and next time I think I’ll be able to add it in a comment.

        Have a great weekend!

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        1. I like the idea of you being autobiographical with your shorts too – they come over as being so relatable to you. As for mine, I’m quite literarily going back to the snowbound British winter of 1962/63 to start – ‘drift walking into school, long trousers for the first time…’ it’s as far back as my retrievable memory goes! Chinese poetry? A long while ago I was very keen on learning to speak Chinese – mind you it may have been as much to do with the appeal of the girl I knew who spoke it – another retrievable memory! I envy the warmth of Athens – enjoy.

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          1. Well, I chose to learn French when U was 12 because I liked a French guy. And since you mention long trousers, we used to wear school uniforms in the eighties, blue and white. They were banned two or three years after i started school.

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            1. School uniforms age 5 through to 15 a part of English culture, with girls having the option of wearing skirts or long trousers nowadays. When I worked for an Anglo-Swiss company I took French and German lessons early morning before work – I was/am useless at languages, my brain not wired that way! I picked up a bit of Italian for a while (language not a girl!) but it’s slipped out of my head now – guess you have to use it to keep it. I’m aware you’re multi-lingual – my guess 4 or 5 languages? We should get back into e-mailing, given all the questions/answers we’re exchanging here!

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                1. No fault of yours, Basilike – to my mind emails are a fluid thing, of the moment when moments come, believe me, I’m like you, and the handful of others I try to keep in touch with, I do so as and when, and time can sometimes pass, it’s the way life is my friend. And anyway, if I recall, I was going to send you the first 5000 words of ‘the’ novella – it turns out it’s being rewritten, yet again – when I email I’ll tell you why.

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