Here we go again… WP why me?

Well here we go again

my comments disappearing

or if a first one seen a second

may not be, as if I’m not caring,

devoid of touch and feeling, you

know that’s not true don’t you,

or maybe you’ve said screw you,

you know I wouldn’t blame you

and yes I’m smiling, don’t take me

seriously, you don’t do you, I’m

English, we don’t do feelings, do we?


WordPress, why spam me?

16 thoughts on “Here we go again… WP why me?

  1. My opinion is that WP like Word and Microsoft in general are commercial orientated; thus you can produced spread sheets, business presentations, Power Point do-hickeys forever and you will be supported and encouraged.
    If however you are engaged in anything which is not related to any of the above, the programming becomes confused, calculates you are producing Art which is of course worthless and tries to eradicate your efforts lest you pollute the highways and byways of cyber-commerce.

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