Saying something different…

There’s another one
saying something different
same data used in staged ways
over played models, tarot card statistics
the accoutrement of science, numbers over-dressed these days
the truth, more like common sense I’d say.

12 thoughts on “Saying something different…

  1. our society (world) and common sense are 2 diff things :)) as the situation with Covid proved. About vaccines – who knows, too early to say how it all works, I don’t have plans to take any, but my husband maybe will take in the summer, he is not sure. He is def dont want AZ, but maybe Pfizer

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    1. At my age and with a somewhat compromised immune system I’ll take any vaccine I can get – as it happens I’ve had a first dose of AZ and soon to have the second – I guess as a scientist I’m used to assessing risk – and through necessity I’ve taken far, far bigger one’s with my life.

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