I’ve long fallen, as inexplicable as it may seem
the feeling is incredible, a once in a lifetime thing
I see you in my mind, long flowing hair, beyond
mesmerising curves, eyes search deep, find love
reality, the two of us, more than lust and passion
more than fun and games, two conjoined by souls.

20 thoughts on “Conjoined

          1. Oh believe me, I do the same. Yeah, River is a force. I am always so in awe of his work… it’s powerful and I FEEL it. And his storytelling is so good. I loved his short story collection and his children’s book. He’a amazing and I want to be like him! lol

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        1. Thank you for saying that – I believe you will. We are doing okay, thank you, grandkids this week all back to school, a tentative step back to normality, a few more weeks and I’ll be able to see them again, hearing them may take a little getting used too – its been quiet for far too long! As always, I wish you well, G – take care as always too…

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