Three takes – saying something

He didn’t have a prayer
his words don’t count for much
face down in a puddle
mud clinging to his clothes
heel stamped hard down on his neck
hands finding next to nothing
blade slips past his spine
heart cries no reply


No rain no oceans
no arteries conceived
sand stormed still born
genetic traits deceived
God’s eye son’s sight
fake news she’s seen
Earth angel walking
set free believed


Well, its done now
X-marked life forms
for what, futile profits
poor excuse, tight hands wringing
smoke alarm, close all windows

11 thoughts on “Three takes – saying something

  1. Eric. These are incredible. Honestly, might be… no… IS some of my very favorites I’ve ever read from you. That first one… oomph. Perfection. Every word: right as it should be. These are going to sit with me for a while… and I quite like that.

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    1. It’s been rare for me to write these though as all of us I react to what I see reported – knife crime in the UK seriously disturbs me – the first poem written a few years back – it’s now much worse. The last one set by fires – rain forest burning, the middle written in response to an online visual prompt a year back – a young woman walking through a lifeless city – seemed too close to future. The thing is, I’ve grown older as I’ve written of romance and relationships, and in a sense grown out of it – I still will and do, but somewhat differently to ‘Shorts’ I feel, and add to it from time with a deeper darker take of me. Thank you, Tara – your support, your encouragement means a lot to me.

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