Saturday Shorts – Flush

Think him sweet
then don’t relate
he’ll take and bend
against the wall
upon the floor
flush your need
your gasp inflate
blow holes inside
heart storm create

10 thoughts on “Saturday Shorts – Flush

    1. almost – maybe a little more like lust.

      And while we’re here I made a rare visit to Goodreads yesterday and came across your review of ‘Shorts’ – I’d no idea it was up on there – I recognised the words as those from an Amazon review which wasn’t in your name (though from Sweden so I should have guessed!) which, for whatever illogical logic Amazon uses, was recently taken down – I’m so glad I’ve read it and know its from you – thank you, Victoria – it is very much appreciated – all the best. Eric.

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      1. yes, it was taken down, my whole profile (with 700+ reviews) was taken down (by crazy Amazon 😶😱). Anyway, I created a new page there and I’m able to post the reviews again, I’ll try to add your review, but so far only the reviews on the new books were accepted. Amazon do not allow me to post reviews on the old books (the one I reviewed before), its weird. I’m so fed up with Amazon’s algorithm…

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        1. Yes – Amazon live in a world of their making – trouble is to be read we need to be in it! I’ve a friend who put out 2nd editions of her books and lost all 1st edition reviews and I couldn’t repost the reviews I’d done for her! Crazy! Thanks for trying to repost the review you did for me – I’m going to try and screw the algorithm by removing names within the review and try to post again – they don’t seem to like any form of personal connection between author and reviewer nowadays.

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          1. Yes, so far… for self-published authors with small follow-up group of fans or unknown to the world >>>> Amazon is the only way. It doesn’t mean if you are talented, you’d become a bestseller or a star there lol Amazon & commercial book industry is only about advertising & sales 🙂 and it’s easy to become #1 on Amazon chart. I even know how much it costs… but I’m so NOT interested 😂😂😂

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