Three takes of moments

Screen scrolling
seeking moments
to slip beneath
to take her
with his words


You’re right
last night
one time only
don’t tell my heart
it’s awake now


Can’t be her fit in
a moment here
a rushed goodbye
her kiss of hello
barely dry

30 thoughts on “Three takes of moments

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    Now do me and yourself a favor and submit here:

    I got acceptance today. The guys are very nice and friendly, not strict at all about the number of syllables and, most importantly, love a good laugh. Senryu is “failed haiku,” looks like haiku but talks about the human condition and is often fun. The twist as a rule comes in the end. I know you have a lot of these so you know what you need to do. You can check out these previous issues to get the idea.

    It would have to look sth like this:

    last night one time
    don’t tell my heart
    is awake now

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