12 thoughts on “Saturday Shorts – Two Faced

  1. The poet John O’Donohue wrote that ultimately we are alone, that no one can truly know our inner world and soul. That creates and sustains the yearning to be loved/known that will never be fully satisfied. See where your poem took me! 🙂

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  2. damn it! u nailed it, again… I have to say, it would look perfect in a frame. I’m getting the feeling that your short poetry/prose is perfect for this kind of “presents-pictures”. love the humor in it, as well 😀😂💙

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  3. So frequently we don’t tell the truth when pictures are taken, we feel it’s easier to cover up what’s really going on. Maybe we unintentionally do that with people in real life because we’ve grown accustomed to only portrait scenes? Who could figure out the real you when that’s the case?

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