Is this okay

You paid for it

Yes, but alright for you

You need too

Not so sure

Do it, I don’t mind

I’d better go

I’m naked

Me too

No rush

I like this

Some men do

16 thoughts on “Naked

  1. All men do. Lovely, Eric.

    Btw, I’m currently reading Virginia Woolf’s Voyage Out and the other day I read sth that seemed like your style. I swear, if I didn’t know it was her, I’d say it must be you then. She says, quote:

    He meant it lightly, but she took it seriously.

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          1. Yes!
            Her stream of consciousness is what first attracted me to her, as well the wonderfully rich language and descriptions she uses on every single page. These are rather journeys into the self, with lots of self analyses and memorable dialogues – precisely the kind of stuff I like.
            As for my dear Oscar, he’s another of my darlings. One and only.

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