Saturday Shorts – Hands~Face~Isosceles

Touch you

Wash your hands

And this

I’ll handle it

Twenty seconds

Long enough

On your back

No on top

Head first

Can’t speak

Window open

Keep it down

You’re joking


Right angle

Bend knees


Two feet above toes


Dirty talk


Me too

Muse Talking

You’re here then

I’ve always been

I couldn’t tell

No words then

Not as good

Who says

Me I guess

No one you believe

Not the same though

As when – Embankment, river crossing

More Kings Cross, adjacent streets

Need your hand held

You let go

I moved on

I guess me too

You got it

See you soon

You will


This a fictional exchange close to real as all are with our muse – posted in response to the prompt from D Wallace Peach ‘Meet the Muse’ The references to London stations, Embankment and Kings Cross, relate to poems in ‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ – a bit of fun to figure out which one’s.