Saturday Shorts – Long Lane

Weather mild a rare blue sky
clock change day car radio said
no hurry well a bit maybe
this lane not one he often used

Narrow quite bendy too
passing places a squeeze through
strange no cars seen either way
probably it was just his day

All clear it seemed ahead
rear view mirror given a check
eyes front swerved right then left
an old lady from nowhere stepped

He’d swear she’d just appeared
no movement just a vacant stare
grey clad from head to foot
of this age no way that look

Drove on his head turned back
no sign gone as quick as that
cold sweat his heart beat fast
foot to pedal scared disturbed

That week the local paper lead
ghost of Long Lane seen again
old men rubbed their chins
recalled stories of minds taken

Reflection – Free Verse Revolution

I’ve a short poem ‘Reflection’ up on ‘Free Verse Revolution’ today – linked here

Please excuse the brevity of this message -just returned from two days in Devon to find my central heating/hot water boiler has been leaking rather a lot of water in my kitchen – and this being England no one does anything with urgency – which I’ll remember when it comes to paying an eventual bill!

Throwback Friday – Old Ground – EDC Writing

As we approach the clock change, let time fall back an hour, a throwback post today at the Go Dog Go Cafe where I contribute now and then…

Go Dog Go Café

False dawn before the clock change
within darkness comes his fall
holes dug laid out before him
loose words piled high ignored
heavy hands of time push back
let him swallow on his lies
her tears wet over
raked old ground subsides


Eric Daniel Clarke (aka EDC Writing) is an Englishman, raised and schooled in Devon close to its Somerset and Dorset borders, and the World Heritage Jurassic Coast. He has spent his adult life near the River Thames, in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, working as a scientist at the boundaries of the physical and life sciences. Now in his later years he finds himself writing poetry and prose, using words in place of molecules to explore life’s boundaries; observed, imagined, of his mind and yours.

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