In Mind To Be Outside

Every day I wonder what I can write
that you’ve not read in some way before
too many days I end up writing nothing
not of lack of feeling, more through
feelings being a fluid thing with need
of touch, of sight to flow, words unheard
seen unsaid, whispered ears, expressive
eyes, receptive lips, in mind to be outside.

This one smiles…

She’d had sex
mischievous fun
closeness and release
not always that good
things done before
not always wanted
expected to give in

This one smiles
looks into her eyes
knows where to touch
for how long and let go
catches her with silence
asks nothing of her yet
she tells him everything

Things she didn’t see
he doesn’t tell yet shows
her body curved to his
no lead no follow bliss
how did she how did he
as if he knew she knew
they’d get to feel like this