Guest Blog Post – Featuring Eric Clarke

For a second week, Esther Chilton has kindly had me as a guest on her blog – this poem (quite long for me) sums up where my short poems come from…


I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s now time for my guest post. If you’d like to feature as a guest on my blog, please get in touch. I’m looking for stories and non-fiction pieces of up to 1500 words and poems of up to 40 lines. If you can also send me a photo and a little bit about yourself too, that would be great. Please send them to

Last week, my guest writer was Eric Clarke, with his poem England – Isolated Views. To read it, click here. And here’s another one from him for you to enjoy:

A Take On Poetry


Eric Clarke

Beaconsfield to Marylebone

Maidenhead to Paddington

Windsor to Waterloo

lines in, and out again

Exeter from all begun

Devon left, half century on

River Thames meandering

fields beside, counties bridged

Buckinghamshire, Berkshire views

English ways, getting there

London, underground…

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7 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post – Featuring Eric Clarke

      1. It’s a great piece, and Sorts were great too. I didn’t want to tell you before I was ready for the review, but couldn’t resist now. It’s one of the first things I ll do when I am back in Athens. I hope Amazon will let me leave a review. I noticed you couldn’t do it if you hadn’t spent a certain amount on books already.

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          1. Your faith in my reviewing abilities honours me, but I am afraid I won’t be very good at it. I always find it hard to sum up a literary work. I have done it very few times, and in some cases I was following guidelines. Anyway, I will try my best. Have a great evening 🙂

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