Here we go again…

Well here we go again

my comments disappearing

or if a first one seen a second

may not be, as if I’m not caring,

devoid of touch and feeling, you

know that’s not true don’t you,

or maybe you’ve said screw you,

you know I wouldn’t blame you

and yes I’m smiling, don’t take me

seriously, you don’t do you, I’m

English, we don’t do feelings, do we?


WordPress, why spam me?

32 thoughts on “Here we go again…

    1. Some of my comments aren’t appearing on blogs, again! For example, comments I’ve made on your last two posts I’ve not seen any trace of on checking as yet. It all seems to be a bit random, it happens with folk I know and new acquaintances, – and WP email notifications of comments, especially follow up 2nd and 3rd comments has become haphazard at best. I’ve tried interacting with WP on the spam issue several times – they try to be helpful but don’t seem to comprehend the problem – I get the feeling many of us in the cheap seats are only seen as advert carriers for them. Anyway enough whinging from me – my best to you and yours, Bojana.

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      1. Hey Eric. You were right. You WERE in spam, along with some other comments. I just downgraded my account to basic, because I wasn’t using any of the things I had, and it was becoming too expensive. Maybe that’s why. Who knows.
        Now I’m back to the cheap seat. I guess I’ll have to start checking my spam folder again.

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            1. At my age I get a pensioner discount on my fish & chips so even cheaper still – as for the smell, my wife hates it – she throws the windows open and lights fake ‘natural’ candles no matter what the time of year – that’s for the fish and chips though I guess it might be me!

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      1. Oh I just don’t bother any more! Life is too short. But it does make me sad for my friends whom I like to support, and especially if a particular poem or piece of writing strikes me as especially good. But hey ho. I am still on Classic Editor. I’m holding onto my hat!

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  1. Dear Eric, love your English sense of humor! I don’t believe for one moment that WP doesn’t know there’s a issue/problem with comments going to spam, likes not appearing, and no notifications of comment replies. I could speculate about it all, but to date WP has not invited me to help address their problem. 😉 Fingers crossed it will be a long while before you experience this again! Please have a lovely Thursday. ~ Mia

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