Their Days – Believing Sight Unseen – May #4

May 2015, their days awakened, Sam is in Brussels, Erin at work in London, not expecting to hear from him… she doesn’t know him well yet, or he her…



 Hello, Erin, how are you? Things are moving fast here – work-wise, I mean. There’s plenty of talk as usual but, unusually for a gaggle of scientific experts, open-minded listening too. Decisions are going to be made, quite amazing for an EU run thing. Looks like I’m going to be much busier than I expected. Fortunately I’m definitely around next week, speaking of which I’m excited about meeting up with you. What dates do you have in mind? As for your birthday, what are you and your girlfriends getting up to at the weekend, or should a gentleman not ask?


Hello, Sam, thank you so much for finding the time to message me. I wasn’t sure you would be able to – I’m so chuffed. The thing is, I now feel guilty. I’m trying but haven’t come up with any dates for us to meet next week. I hope you understand I’m doing my best, so please don’t have a go at me. 


 There was too much going on out here yesterday for me to reply. I wanted to as I couldn’t understand why you thought I’d have a go at you. If you say you are trying and doing your best, why would I not believe you? Sure I’ll be disappointed if it turns out I can’t see you next week, but why on earth would you think I’d turn on you?


Sorry, it’s just what I’m used to from men. Well, most men, when things don’t go their way. I don’t want to disappoint you, Sam, but I’ve got a lot on at the moment at home and at work and I’m not able to even pencil in a date just now. I know I’m going out with the girls on Saturday, but that’s been booked up for weeks, and no – a gentleman shouldn’t ask. Hmm, a ‘scientist and a gentleman’ – I wonder, could that play out like ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’, with you whisking me away in your white coat?


 Hey, you don’t have to justify yourself to me.  Let’s say no more about it and see where we are when I get back, okay? Your mind’s like quicksilver on here, and your ‘hmm’s’ keep taking me by surprise, in a good way. Whisk you away? Now there’s a thought. I’ll be popping in to London next week – I’ll bring a lab-coat with me.


I think I’d actually die if you turned up and did the ‘Richard Gere’ thing with me. I’ve got this feeling though that you are the kind of man who would. I’m blushing. How are you doing this to me? We haven’t even met yet.


 It was manic out here on Wednesday – we wrapped everything up at 9 pm, then our Belgian colleagues found a restaurant for about twenty of us to literally take over – obligatory fillet steaks and pommes frites, and beer, and more beer, and… well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s a short flight home today. Blushing reveals a lot about you – your sensitivity, your barely hidden vulnerability, your ability to show emotions, and apparently those that blush make great lovers. I may not be blushing, but I’m certainly smiling as I sign off for now.


How do you do this, Sam? You talk to me as if we have known each other for years not just a couple of weeks and with a sore head too. Some of the things you say I’d feel uncomfortable about with anyone else, but it feels alright with you. So you don’t blush? Well, I’ll have to see what I can do about that when you get back.

14 thoughts on “Their Days – Believing Sight Unseen – May #4

  1. I like the back and forth between them. It sounds natural and the voices are different. My favourite part was Sam’s description of the dinner — it added to the intimacy. Erin is an enigmatic lady…

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        1. I needed a relatively uneventful year to base ‘Their Days’ in with the UK still in the EU to meet the needs of Sam’s frequent trips to Brussels! It looks like 2015 will be perfect. There is a bit of me the scientist in Sam but other than that he’s fictional. I officially retired in 2012 then freelanced as a science consultant until 2017 so my career, like Sam’s not affected by Brexit. Enjoy your weekend, Basilike – take care.

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          1. I think an uneventful year is a good choice and 2015 sounds uneventful enough. I was wondering since you mentioned Brexit if British scientists won’t be able to attend meetings abroad and how unfair it would be, that’s why I asked.

            Take care too and give us more Sam and Erin.

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    1. I’m fine thanks, Bojana, just getting a little twitchy about the relaxation of the UK lockdown as someone defined as ‘at risk’. During my active scientist days I experienced ‘Brussels interludes’ – I remember being considered ‘robust’ in my questioning – can’t think why! How are things with you?

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  2. I remember them trying to schedule something when you posted before on your blog. It was quite a challenge. It’s so interesting to me how they interpret their conversation and make assumptions. Fascinating, Eric, and it feels so rea!

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