‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ … Thank You

EDS Shorts eBook Cover‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ has been published today and thanks to so many of you, and to my surprise, the e-book features in poetry new release best sellers lists on the Amazon UK and US sites. What can I say, my poems exist because of you, your encouragement, your support, your friendship – believing in a man you’ve read online, a man less than a handful of you have met – my book exists because of River Dixon, author, and founder of Potter’s Grove Press – one of you, one of us – blogging reaches out, can touch, can lead to extraordinary things – thank you River, thank you all – this Englishman is smiling, the sun is shining, time for my morning cup of tea

14 thoughts on “‘Shorts – a take on poetry’ … Thank You

    1. Thank you so much Esther – as this is my take on poetry there is hardly a comma in it – so different from my prose as you well know! I can’t quite believe ‘Shorts’ is #1 on the British Poetry New Release List at Amazon.com! I’m relieved to see the paperback is out now too.

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    1. Thank you, for everything, Gabriela – yesterday by chance I noticed your book close to mine on a top 100 list of ‘new releases’, which category now escapes me, but not the memory. You’ll understand how unbelievable it is to this Englishman to have found himself #1 British Poetry New Release in America – quite a day my friend!


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