EDC Writing – Posts Elsewhere (13/Mar/20)

My poem ‘River Crossing‘ submitted in response to the March 2020 prompt ‘Bridges’ is today posted by ‘Free Verse Revolution‘ under my full name – Eric Daniel Clarke.  My thanks to Kristiana Reed, who yet again came up with an intriguing image which got me reading my poem in yet another way – always a good thing.

Since my return in February to the ‘Go Dog Go Cafe‘ as a contributing writer I’ve been posting poems on ‘Throwback Friday’ – today’s poem ‘Next Door‘ is one of my earliest first posted back in 2016 – I started late yet in a literary sense this poem seems from a lifetime ago; and in someways it is.

Both poems will appear in ‘Shorts – a take on poetry




11 thoughts on “EDC Writing – Posts Elsewhere (13/Mar/20)

    1. River crossing, as many of my lines and poems, was originally drawn from an observed experience in London yet Kristiana transformed the observation – the joy of prose and poetry – and imagination. Glad you read Next Door too – I’ve seen and replied to your comment – thank you, Basilike – you’ve been missed!

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