Three clicks may find me?

Three clicks (Your Site/WP Admin/Comments) in spam may find me?


Now and then a comment made

no sight upon beguiling page

not read not moderated yet

WordPress displacement more likely bet

with you in words and thought assured

In spam maybe please look?

(first posted 11th August 2019)


Daily routine

checking admin

comments, spam

three clicks

getting better

less of your words

now where should be

upfront on posts

where can be seen

if you’ve lost me

bemused no comment

three clicks

may find me?

(first posted 6th December 2019 and re-blogged 20th January 2020)

10 thoughts on “Three clicks may find me?

  1. A timely reminder….Sarcasm warning…Sarcasm warning……
    Gosh I did not realise how many folk are so interested in my posts. I was so ‘ditherfied’ with joy I accidentally deleted them all before I could reply….silly me…..Still no doubt they will be enthusiastic enough to write again….
    Well put both in content and lyrical delivery Eric.
    Has to be reblogged.

    Liked by 1 person

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