Roots of Corruption – planted!


I’ve just received my signed copy of Laura Laakso’s ‘Roots of Corruption’ ahead of its official publication next month, on the 26th March. My thanks to Louise of Louise Walters Books, and for the individual touches she brings to everything ‘books’ – there was a fragment of what I take to be a spiders web on the back of one of the ivy leaves tied in place around my copy – it has to mean something – it’s the way author Laura Laakso’s mind works; mind you it might just be me!

This is the third book of the ‘Wilde Investigations’ series – and though I’ve not read a word of it yet I know it will be magic – I’ve read the other two!  Once you read these books, walking (and getting lost) in London will take on a different feel, as if breathing in a different atmosphere.

The back cover blurb, as with the other two titles, finds that balance of drawing in, enticing, giving the savour of anticipation, without spoiling  –  ah, yes, the ivy leaves, their presence now understood.

By the way, all three books, the trilogy, are available as a money saving box set  – my review of ‘Fallible Justice’ can be found here; and for ‘Echo Murders’, here. My review for ‘Roots of Corruption’ – seeds sown, germination, a week or two ahead …


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