Him & Her – Again


Relieved to say with surety this saga over now

you’ve shown what you really are, as for who

I’ve not a clue, I’m quite glad of that, makes

ending this farce easier, it isn’t hard at all


The signs have always been there, your

inconsistencies, your lack of sensitivity

your inability to keep tabs of us, just how

long we’ve been in touch, seems ironic now


I believed in you for so long, guess I wanted to

couldn’t see, at best, you’re just on here for fun

It’s sad really that you need to fake so much

I’d say goodbye, but why, we’ve never said hello



 What on earth has got into you? I know exactly

how long we have been in touch with each other

thank you, but all I hear from you is complaining

do you not think your negativity really upsets me


Do you honestly believe that these constant threats

of you going are doing you any favours at all

let’s be clear, I’m not playing your game any more

you’ve shown what you are, and that’s not nice at all

Three clicks may find me?

Three clicks (Your Site/WP Admin/Comments) in spam may find me?


Now and then a comment made

no sight upon beguiling page

not read not moderated yet

WordPress displacement more likely bet

with you in words and thought assured

In spam maybe please look?

(first posted 11th August 2019)


Daily routine

checking admin

comments, spam

three clicks

getting better

less of your words

now where should be

upfront on posts

where can be seen

if you’ve lost me

bemused no comment

three clicks

may find me?

(first posted 6th December 2019 and re-blogged 20th January 2020)

Roots of Corruption – planted!


I’ve just received my signed copy of Laura Laakso’s ‘Roots of Corruption’ ahead of its official publication next month, on the 26th March. My thanks to Louise of Louise Walters Books, and for the individual touches she brings to everything ‘books’ – there was a fragment of what I take to be a spiders web on the back of one of the ivy leaves tied in place around my copy – it has to mean something – it’s the way author Laura Laakso’s mind works; mind you it might just be me!

This is the third book of the ‘Wilde Investigations’ series – and though I’ve not read a word of it yet I know it will be magic – I’ve read the other two!  Once you read these books, walking (and getting lost) in London will take on a different feel, as if breathing in a different atmosphere.

The back cover blurb, as with the other two titles, finds that balance of drawing in, enticing, giving the savour of anticipation, without spoiling  –  ah, yes, the ivy leaves, their presence now understood.

By the way, all three books, the trilogy, are available as a money saving box set  – my review of ‘Fallible Justice’ can be found here; and for ‘Echo Murders’, here. My review for ‘Roots of Corruption’ – seeds sown, germination, a week or two ahead …


Perceptions of reality…

‘You don’t agree then?’
‘It’s not that simple… well it is, but not the way you see it’

‘Okay, run that by me again’
‘The thing is there is no answer, by the time we measure, it’s moved on’

‘What has… time or entity?’
‘Both, ever shifting, never reaching equilibrium’

‘So you’re saying there’s no steady state, nothing to which we can relate’
‘Quite the opposite, we relate to everything, we just don’t know anything’

‘That can’t be right, look how much we’ve published’
‘I rest my case, by the time it’s out there, we take another view’

‘Look at all the rules, the fundamentals, universally taught’
‘A form of history, stories given as facts’

‘What are you saying… we know nothing?’
‘In a way… we read as was, time lined perceptions of reality’

‘What is reality to you?’
‘The possibility I’m here’

‘What about me’
‘If I am you are too’

‘I can’t get my head around this’
‘You will, yours is part of mine’

Got it, I see what you’re saying now’
‘Yes, but have you heard?’