Three clicks…

New year… same problem… no comment… three clicks to find me?

EDC Writing - Believing Sight Unseen

Daily routine

checking admin

comments, spam

three clicks

getting better

less of your words

now where should be

upfront on posts

where can be seen

if you’ve lost me

bemused no comment

three clicks

may find me?

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8 thoughts on “Three clicks…

          1. Now. Why ‘Comments’ was not showing ‘Spam’, in fact nothing apart from my last post, puzzled me. That it happened on WP did not. One day later, ‘Spam’ notifications appeared. Again ‘Why’ eludes me. Not the actual event.
            When I am in a generous mood (rare event) WP is quite the adventure…..Normally though a source of uncivilised language.

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  1. So
    From a little distance and bad eyesight, I read that as ‘Three dicks’
    I will not say if I was somewhat intrigued and clicked on it very fast and was super disappointed for two seconds or not.

    But moving on, I have lost you to spam before 🤔 Not the potted meat

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