Strings – Poem and a line

Do the chords still resonate

when he pulls her strings that way

does the song still play

when he takes his words away


 No strings? Men like to fiddle

18 thoughts on “Strings – Poem and a line

      1. Maybe I have.
        We are deep in election time here and everyone is trying to influence everyone else. This raises my suspicion levels, as at my age I am not inclined to have folk tell me which party is the right one to vote for. The Tactical Voting strategy is gaining a great deal of traction as a way to remove this government and I have become ‘tangled’ up in that cause.
        And retired UK Civil Servants always find something to concern them with any legislation or new administrative process. We spent so many years trying to make many, even well meaning ones workable.
        There again it maybe that at 68 I am just a grumpy old man.

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          1. Now I’m glad I don’t too close I would have this urge to climb trees and blow raspberries in that direction (never mind who is in power I am very broad minded in that respect)…..but I suppose my long suffering wife of 46 years would tie a rope around my leg.

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