Easy Said – Poem & Six Words


Easing back now had his day

easy said just not his way

decades spent in hope not hate

emotions ignored no love relates


He falls every now and then

a like mind curved with legs

goes well a while until she feels

too real too deep so very still


Six Words:

Where they’ve been not quite… nearly


14 thoughts on “Easy Said – Poem & Six Words

    1. Thank you, Basilike – where would I be without you and Bojana – I’ve been exploring pairing up existing short poems and lines (usually six words) to make best use of the ‘white space’ ie each page, for publication of ‘EDC Shorts’ – and I was also in two minds about removing the more obvious rhymes – you have convinced me to go ahead with the poems as I first wrote them, which was as they came to me, as the six word lines did too.

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