Frame Delete – Poem & Six Words

First time for him

seeing her as others do

a minute here, a fleeting glimpse

the nature of such gatherings,

no one man’s girl, yet men imagine

what could be, couldn’t actually,

photograph, he as is, she as always,

beside her, shutter stop, frame

delete, her life, not his to live.


Of us, not us… love’s photograph


No photograph, as if… no matter


Friday Line -18/Oct/19

Wherever we are, can be, the rhythm of ‘Hello’ our version, as our first time, as we are, will always be, low lights across a table, candles, no words more feeling, coming to a head, arms ghost around you, unseen, never left.  #vss365

EDC Review: Footsteps of the Templar by Lucy Brazier

Russians digging up ‘his garden’. The Bursar’s doing. No wonder The Dean a little cranky, that is a little more than usual! Footsteps of the Templar, the fourth of the PorterGirl novels, brings once more together; strange Fellows, Porters of all levels, the Heads of much put upon Kitchen and Laundry, the Police, one mounted, one an accomplice to a Wedding, and, the French a new dimension – and did I mention cats, I think I’d better. Yes, Old College as we know it, or think we do, well does anyone, and what do the French have to do with such an English institution? The plot, well stitched, no loose ends, no holes other than, that is, The Bursar’s. Third person narration, we see inside the minds of all, beyond Deputy Head Porter’s perception good as that has always been; we now know what Head Porter is thinking, a certain Headmistress, I didn’t know he had it in him! Lucy Brazier writes with a light, engaging touch; mischievous, at times eccentric, with humour and sensitivity, all beautifully balanced. A class act this author, she’ll have you smiling, beginning to the end, and wanting to read again.