Near Truth

They met as story tellers

spoke so much of near truth

who led who followed no matter

their May-September didn’t happen

he knew she knew she’d hurt him

she knew he knew she would

he asked ‘What if I loved you’

she said ‘Makes no difference’

he knew she knew he could

6 thoughts on “Near Truth

    1. A ‘May -September’ relationship typically refers to a woman in the spring of her life with a man in the autumn of his – as an example in ‘Sam & Erin’s Story’ I’ve set Erin at about 30 and Sam at 50 as a credible age gap for their story – and in mind for this poem for ‘he knew she knew’ to be believable.

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        1. Good afternoon, Basilike – never worry, always glad to see you here whenever you can make it. I always imagine you’ve a busy life and not a slave to online – which makes your posts and visits all the more special. Yes, May- September and May-December are familiar terms for age-gap relationships in the UK. If me, I’d be late autumn pushing early winter – and far too wary to mess with spring early late or otherwise! Makes good fiction though! Here’s a link (which may or may not work!) to a review I posted a while ago to a May-December play – I bought the script via Amazon – to me it’s quite amazing. All the best. Eric.

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