Spam – no place to be!

Now and then a comment made

no sight upon beguiling page

not read not moderated yet

WordPress displacement more likely bet

with you in words and thought assured

In Spam maybe please take a look?





10 thoughts on “Spam – no place to be!

  1. I don’t check often enough, but we all must check. I appreciate having a spam folder, but not when it collects the comments of those bloggers that I communicate with all the time. A fun poem for an annoying topic! Lol.

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  2. It’s not Word Press or Akismet’s fault !
    The wise sages of Akismet spaketh unto me and told me either I or the person I sent the message to was woeful creature who made it happen.

    There followed a predictable sound made with the upper and lower lips pressed together and the tongue protruding.

    I then built myself a new blogsite.

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      1. Worry not for me.
        For I survived the UK Civil Service transition from pen and paper to computer and played my part in keeping the service to the public going despite not because of the system, the programmers, senior management and of course government minsters.
        Thus WP and Akismet antics are but mere smears of marmalade on the breakfast table, annoying in themselves but soon wiped away.
        As for this current encumbrance in Downing Street, as a retired Civil Servant of The Crown I acknowledge only the reigning monarch as my liege.

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